Bungie disappoints Destiny 2 fans about highly anticipated Lightfall exotic ahead of release

We were this close to greatness.

Image via Bungie

It has been an exciting week for Destiny 2 fans as Bungie prepares for a full month of announcements leading up to the Lightfall expansion. Players have the rest of the month to prepare to make their way to Neptune to face down The Witness and his newly recruited acolyte, Emperor Calus. Earlier this week, Bungie showed off a sizzler reel of several exotic gear players can earn in Lightfall, and the team has just confirmed a fact of one of the exotic weapons they showed off, but it’s not something players will want to hear.

The exotic Bungie spoke about in a press release is the Winterbite, an upcoming Statis Glaive that can send out massive cold energy charges through a battlefield. The press release shared by Bungie confirms that the Winterbite will be a Heavy weapon and not go in the Energy weapon class, the one many players had hoped it would go.

The press release was a follow-up to Bungie’s Lightfall exotic gear trailer that was released earlier this week. The trailer highlighted multiple weapons and gear pieces players can earn and showed off the upcoming Strand ability, which will unlock through the progression of the Lightfall story.

Although players did not have any official confirmation on how the Winterbite will work, its freezing ability was a major highlight from the teaser. When a player uses the Winterbite ability, it sends out a slow-moving cold charge that sweeps across a specific area, freezing enemies beneath it. Observers compared it to the Storm grenade.

Some players might think twice about how to best use Winterbite now that this helpful information is out in the wild. We’re less than a month out before Lightfall hits Destiny 2 on February 28, but there’s still plenty to do in the weeks leading up to the arrival of Neptune. One such task to do in the meantime scoring the daily Deepsight Resonance weapons Bungie unlocked earlier this week, which will make it easier for players to complete their favorite weapon patterns for crafting.