Bungie writer confirms that Detiny 2’s Saint-14 and Osiris are very much in love

Love on the battlefield.

Destiny 2

Image via Gamepur

For some time now, debate has raged in the Destiny 2 community about the exact relationship between the time-hopping Osiris and the Titan-shaped wrecking ball known as Saint-14. Both are legendary heroes within the game, and both of them were lost to the murky depths of time at one point.

After Osiris’s return, he bent time itself to get Saint-14 back as well, and when the famous Titan returned in the game, he even gave up control of his namesake, the Trials of Osiris, to Saint-14 to look after. Well, we should have known that these two were more than just battle bros, and it has been confirmed by Bungie writer Robert Brookes that Osiris and Saint-14 have been lovers all along.

Now, this was kind of given away by Saint-14 sending Osiris letters referring to him as his fiery phoenix, but things will always boil down to debate until someone confirms them.

Frankly, the confirmation just makes the whole thing better. Yes, it was very cool that Osiris would go to the lengths he did to bring back a friend, but returning a lover from the gaping-maw of death? Cheating an absolute that is the very final death of Guardian for a lover? That is simply more epic. This is not the game’s first relationship, nor are Osiris and Saint-14 the first gay characters. Devrim Kay still occupies his tower on the EDZ, waiting for a cup of tea from his husband, Mark. Ana Bray also has a girlfriend, although we have yet to meet her in the game.

The only downside to the whole thing right now is that Osiris is currently without a Ghost, a perilous form of existence for any Guardian. When they die, it is their Ghost that brings them back, and without the power of the Light, Osiris risks his final death and heartbreak for Saint-14.

You’d better not do it, Bungie.