Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 getting map editor, leaker claims

It would be a first for the series.

Image via Activision

Map editors are fairly uncommon in today’s shooters. Halo’s Forge mode is a big one, and Infinite’s version is targeting August according to the latest roadmap. A few months after that, we’ll get Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, which will reportedly have a map editor of its own.

The report comes from known Call of Duty leaker Ralph Valve, who wrote about the potential map editor on WhatIfGaming. Valve claims that Modern Warfare will provide “players with the necessary tools for blocking out, mapping, and editing an already existing map.” In that sense, it sounds less robust than something like Forge. You can’t build entirely new maps, but you can make changes to ones that are already established.

“Modified maps will allow each creator the option of customizing spawn points, objectives, and restrictions,” Valve continues, “with the addition of completely changing the scenery of a level and its individual properties, such as crates and containers.” This mechanical- and aesthetic-focused customization still sounds like it would provide plenty of creative opportunity for Call of Duty players — should it prove to be true. The map editor idea has allegedly been floating around Infinity Ward and Treyarch since 2019’s Modern Warfare. It would be the first of its kind for the Call of Duty series.

This isn’t the first time information about maps in the new game has leaked. A mock-up of Warzone 2’s map also hit the internet — the same map is also said to be used for Modern Warfare 2’s DMZ multiplayer mode. Additionally, a second Warzone 2 map is said to be in development.

We don’t have much longer to wait for Modern Warfare 2: its release date is October 28. Warzone 2 is slated to arrive shortly after that. Both games are being built on an all-new engine. We recently learned that these might mark Call of Duty’s return to Steam as well.