Casual Diablo 4 Player Points Out Biggest Min-Maxing Flaws

One Diablo 4 player has blasted certain members of the community for complaining about a game they’ve already put 150 hours into.

Image via Activision Blizzard

Diablo is a franchise made up of games that players expect to spend hundreds of hours in. Seasons add new reasons to return, but it’s the endgame loop that keeps most fans glued to their screens for years to come. After just ten days on the market, some players are already growing tired of the endgame experience Diablo 4 has to offer, but one casual fan’s thoughts put that into perspective.

Hardcore players have already racked up 150 hours in Diablo 4, built the perfect character, and are grinding Helltide Chests for the best loot possible while simultaneously complaining about a lack of new content to engage with. Casual players have a refreshing view of this, though, cutting through the vocal hardcore player base.

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Casual Diablo 4 Player Tells Hardcore Fan Base That They’re Blowing Endgame Complaints Out of Proportion

In a recent post on the Diablo 4 Subreddit, one casual player has explained their situation, how they’re playing the game, and why the hardcore players might need to realign their expectations given how most people are going to digest the content on offer. Like many of us, they work a 9-5 job and can only play in the evenings when not spending time with their kids, but they’ve still managed to reach level 40 in a short space of time.

The user goes on to say that all they see on the Subreddit are players who have much more free time and have put hundreds of hours into the game complaining about “stash tabs, backtracking, lack of endgame, and already being really annoyed about S1 content not even released yet.” While it’s a valid point that not all players can put this time into Diablo 4, there’s definitely a subset of the fan base that can and does.

Many of the Diablo 4 players this casual fan is talking about replied to the post with reasonable rebuttals, explaining how “they are complaining about things you will eventually run into, in hopes to get them fixed/adjusted. Which in turn will only improve your experience.” Other players are just bored of seeing posts like this, “Let people enjoy what they like, min maxers or casuals included,” which is also a valid point.

Ultimately, every online game like Diablo 4 has its hardcore and casual fan bases. They’ll never see eye to eye because they’re facing different issues at different times, and casual players may never see the problems hardcore fans do because they’re fixed by the time they hit a certain level or number of hours played. One thing that is clear is that Diablo 4 is sorely in need of its first season of content to get the ball rolling, giving the dedicated players something to look forward to and casual players even more quests to blast through in the time they have.