CD Projekt Red claims Cyberpunk 2077 ambitions ‘made it difficult’ to succeed, reveals 2021 roadmap

An intimate apology video promises updates and DLC in the near future.

Image via CD Projekt Red

After a heavy load of criticism from Cyberpunk 2077’s buggy release state, CD Projekt Red co-founder Marcin Iwinski has attempted to right the studio’s wrongs with a personal explanation video. Within it, he explains how the project’s ambitions “made it difficult” to succeed, while revealing intentions to launch its next-gen version in the second half of 2021.

“Please don’t fault any of our teams for what happened,” Iwinski pleaded, instead taking the blame himself. He later added that the last-gen consoles’ outdated disk bandwidth was the main reason for the turbulent release of these versions. To resolve their issues, Iwinski stated that another patch is scheduled to release “in the next 10 days,” with a larger one to follow soon after.

via Cyberpunk 2077’s YouTube channel

To conclude the video, the studio head provided an in-depth road map of what is to come in the near future. The highlight of it, of course, is that the free next-gen update is now specifically targeted for the second half of 2021. Meanwhile, in the first half, players will begin to see their first taste of DLC, along with more “updates and improvements.”

As reported previously, the developer is currently under investigation by a Polish government consumer agency, and may face a steep fine if the game is not improved in due time. Aside from its faults, the headline-making title did still manage to sell a whopping 13 million copies since launch.