DBD Fans Discuss Dream Licensed Characters As Chapter 30 Looms In The Distance

Dead by Daylight players are dreaming about their favorite licensed characters that they’d like to see in the game for Chapter 30.


Image via Tango Gameworks

Dead by Daylight Chapter 30 will be revealed this week. It’s a huge milestone for the game and its community, and players are already dreaming up what their favorite licensed characters for Killers and Survivors are.

Developer Behaviour Interactive revealed earlier this year that Dead by Daylight Chapter 30 will introduce a new Killer in November 2023. However, no details of this Killer have been released yet. Yesterday, the Stranger Things DLC made a triumphant return, but there’s been no mention of a brand-new Killer. That hasn’t stopped fans from putting together a list of their ideal Killers and Survivors from licensed properties.

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Fans Share Their Dizziest Dead by Daylight Franchise Crossovers in Hopes of Next Killer Being One of Them

In a Reddit post that’s now garnered hundreds of responses, the Dead by Daylight community has been discussing the licensed characters from movies and games that they’d like to see come to their favorite asymmetrical horror title.

The character that’s been discussed the most is Beetlejuice. “He could use the hammers arm from the weird carnival transformation as a weapon and have a skin that switches to his wedding outfit; the map could be an indoor/outdoor mix with the main house, Saturn, and maybe some dead world stuff. Perk names: Say My Name/Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice, Strike a Deal”/”Get Hitched,” and “Its Showtime. Lydia would be the Survivor.”

The suggestion we like the most is a crossover with The Evil Within. We believe The Keeper, a boss that can be killed but respawn through heads placed around his arena, making him a relentless and immortal Killer, could fit well. In Dead by Daylight, heads could be placed around the map, acting as teleportation points or a way for the Killer to respawn if Survivors are given a handy way to get rid of him, similar to the abilities used by The Xenomorph and The Demogorgon.

While The Evil Within is a contender for the most requested crossover, there are some classic films out there that fans want to see immortalized in Dead by Daylight, too. “Dang, I can’t believe I never thought about the Evil Within. You got my vote. I was going to say Candyman or Jeepers Creepers, but EW blows them both away.”

Of these, Candyman seems the most likely to us. His hook and link to bees is an interesting mix that could blend well with Dead by Daylight’s gameplay. Behavior Interactive could give players new ways to torture Survivors by mapping these powers to Add-Ons and Perks and making Candyman’s Mori a hook finisher with his weapon.

The final suggestion we see fitting well with Dead by Daylight is H.P. Lovecraft’s works. “Lovecraft stuff. Maybe a Starspawn or Shoggoth.” Dozens of games borrow from the Cthulhu mythos, and the idea that The Entity can warp and control even the old gods is another one that works well with the lore players have been exploring for 29 Chapters.

When writing, one teaser image has been revealed on Twitter. The post indicates that the new Killer will be revealed tomorrow, but we still have no idea who or what it is.