Code Vein’s demo is getting an update

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Bandai Namco’s new Souls-like title, Code Vein, is launching on Sept. 27. It’s likely going to compete with Focus Home Interactive’s The Surge 2 which is set for release just three days before on Sept. 24.

A free-to-play demo for the title was released last week, giving players a feel for the game. No doubt the demo will only heighten the anticipation for those who have played through it.

As revealed by the game’s official Twitter account, Bandai Namco is releasing an update for the demo. That’s excellent news for those who have already played through the demo and can’t get enough of the anime souls action.

Code Vein Demo New content

One of the most popular aspects of Dark Souls and Bloodborne was multiplayer. The undead players invaded each other relentlessly with the intent of taking the others souls or earning covenant items. Alternatively, players came together for some jolly cooperation against bosses that you couldn’t handle alone.

Well, good news Revenants, a multiplayer mode is being added. Be it for teamwork or backstabbing. It is sure to be an exciting experience for all involved.

For those who feel that the demo wasn’t challenging enough, or who played it so much, Bandai Namco heard your call. It decided to give you a real challenge. Code Vein‘s demo will have the challenging Town of Sacrifice stage added. So let’s see if all you revenants out there can hack your way through this location.