Dead by Daylight Fans Love This Bug That Gives Them The Demogorgon

An annoying Dead by Daylight bug is a double-edged sword, giving and taking away DLC Killers with no rhyme or reason.

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Image via Behaviour Interactive

The Demogorgon is a Killer that used to be available for Dead by Daylight but has since been delisted from all storefronts. It’s now only available to those who had downloaded the Killer before it was delisted or those who own a physical copy of the game that contains the DLC.

However, lately, some players have been seeing the Killer pop up in their list of available characters. In fact, there seems to be a sort of trick to trigger it, but it’s one that’s far from permanent and can lead to heartbreak if players invest too much in the Killer.

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Dead by Daylight Fans Love This Glitch That Gives Them The Demogorgon

Today on the Dead by Daylight Subreddit, fans flocked to a post from a player who found that they had randomly been given access to The Demogorgon Killer when they started their game. While this glitch is fairly well known, it’s still rare, but also coveted by the community because of the gifts it grants to players.

The focus of the post is a glitch that randomly gives players access to certain Killers, or takes it away, upon startup. In this case, it was a fantastic surprise for the user to get The Demogorgon, and pretty much every Dead by Daylight fan is now wishing it happens to them. “I hope it does happen to switch players.”

The glitch highlights an important issue affecting players who previously purchased the Stranger Things DLC for the game. “I’m on Switch and we get Steve, Nancy, and Demi. We were very happy because we had bought them prior to removal of them from the store, but due to an SD card failure lost them.” This player showcases the issue, that even those who purchased the DLC digitally can’t download it anymore.

A word of caution. The Killer is removed with a system restart and may even be something Behaviour Interactive can actively take away while the game is online. It’s best not to spend any Bloodpoints on the Killer since they’ll be completely wasted.

There’s been much speculation in the past about Stranger Things returning to Dead by Daylight, but it seems that the only legitimate way to get it now is to buy a disc copy of the game with DLC included. It’s a shame because players still love finding The Demogorgon hunting them down in Trials.

We’ve seen no word from Behaviour Interactive on the glitch, but players seem well-versed in it. “Looking at it, everyone who has this bug also never had the pig (so far) will revive random Survivors and Killers they don’t own until it randomly gives them The Pig. So I’m guessing people who already have her won’t ever experience this bug.”

Based on this information, there’s hope for players who never had a chance to buy the Stranger Things DLC for Dead by Daylight. For those of us who did, though, it’s time to find a physical copy if we want to dive back into the claws of The Demogorgon.