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Stranger Things’ Demogorgon is Still Surprising Players in Dead by Daylight

Another reminder for Dead by Daylight players to just leave.

It’s a tale as old as time. The exit gates have been powered up in Dead by Daylight, and rather than leaving the game, Survivors are running around taunting the Killer. It’s the perfect recipe for someone to end up in a video on the front page of the DbD subreddit.

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It appears one particular Survivor maybe didn’t understand the power of the Demogorgon from Stranger Things. This left them in a rather embarrassing moment that has now been shared with the avid community, and is a daily reminder that once the game is over, don’t be a jerk, just leave.

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DbD Player Caught Out by Demogorgon After Not Leaving

Image via Behaviour Interactive

In the video shared by SuperiorBLVCK on the Dead by Daylight subreddit, you can see the Demogorgon from Stranger Things hooking one of the Survivors during the Endgame Collapse — which appears to have been running for quite some time already. Rather than just leaving the game, one of the other Survivors is following the Killer around.

After completing the sacrifice, the Demogorgon turns and begins chasing the lingering Survivor. This is when the Killer unleashes their power by charging up the shred attack and landing a successful lunge. The survivor doesn’t appear to have learned their lesson, though, as they don’t immediately head for the exit gates. Instead, they veer off course a little and begin teabagging.

This display of bad manners from the Survivor quickly turns into another huge mistake for them as the Demogorgon rapidly recharges its special attack. While this is happening, the player again starts taunting the Killer, seemingly unaware of the Demogorgon’s ability. A final lunge strikes the Survivor just a few paces away from the boundary of the game’s exit, and the oblivious player falls to the ground. In what is clearly some sweet revenge, the Demogoron picks up the Survivor and carries them over to a hook where they are sacrificed, and a bunch of Bloodpoints is given to the Killer for their trouble.

Dead by Daylight players are often warned not to mock others while they are in the game, as they might end up in a video like this if the tides turn. As a Killer main myself, it’s a piece of advice I wish all other players would adhere to. One Reddit user replied to the video, “It gets funnier everytime a cocky survivor learns something.”

The Demogorgon was a Killer added to the Stranger Things chapter in 2019 but was removed to purchase from Dead by Daylight in 2021 at the request of Netflix. Players that previously bought the Stranger Things chapter can still use the Killer and Survivors from that DLC; however, it means that these characters are rarer to see in matches these days. This might be why the player in the video was unaware of the Demogorgon’s ability. It also appears the Stranger Things content won’t be making a return any time soon, as the creative director for Dead by Daylight Mathieu Cote, recently said that they’ve not been able to talk to Netflix about getting it back in the game.

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