Is Stranger Things returning to Dead by Daylight?

The Upside Down never left.

Image via Behaviour Interactive

The Stranger Things DLC was removed from Dead by Daylight in November 2021. After a little over a year in rotation, the Killer and two Survivors that the DLC added were withdrawn from sale, only now available to those that purchased the expansion while it was live. However, some suggest that the DLC will make a comeback, and this guide outlines all the evidence suggesting why Stranger Things could be returning to Dead by Daylight.

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Will Stranger Things come back to Dead by Daylight?

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Stranger Things season 4 has sparked several rumors that seem to indicate that the series will be returning to Dead by Daylight at some point in 2022. In this section, we’ve broken down every rumor, explaining whether they’ve been debunked or not to date.

Vecna Killer leak

Perhaps the most exciting rumor is that Vecna, the villain from Stranger Things season 4, will become a Killer in a new version of the Stranger Things DLC for Dead by Daylight. However, the in-game model that sparked this was quickly found to be fan-made and has since been deleted. Despite the image being fan-made, the rumor that Vecna will come to the game seems to have some credence, with DBDLeaks, a prominent and accurate leaker of all things Dead by Daylight, looking into it to identify the truth behind it.

Demogorgon, Nancy, and Steve returning in Christmas 2022

A lot of work went into creating the original Stranger Things Killer and Survivors in the Dead by Daylight DLC. While no one can expect official licenses to last forever with a live service game, fans did expect it to last longer than a year. Once again, DBDLeaks has previously stated that the DLC will return by Christmas 2022. However, as with all rumors like this, you should wait until we’ve seen official evidence or confirmation before getting excited.

New Demogorgon gameplay emerges

In July 2022, DBDLeaks once again shared Stranger Things content from Dead by Daylight, but this time it was new. They explained that they were confirming that the franchise would be returning to Dead by Daylight in the future, not any time soon. They also shared new footage of a Demogorgon Killer, though it looks to us that this is a very different version of the Demogorgon from the original DLC. This footage also includes a new hook animation.

What is the Stranger Things Dead by Daylight DLC?

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The Stranger Things DLC for Dead by Daylight launched as a full expansion for the game. It added The Demogorgon as its new Killer and two new Survivors, Steve and Nancy from the Netflix show. The DLC also added a new map, Hawkins Laboratory, which is the only part of the DLC that has been pulled from the game for all players. At the time of writing, the Killer and Survivors are only available to those players who downloaded the DLC before it was removed from storefronts.

Why was Stranger Things removed from Dead by Daylight?

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No one knows precisely why the Stranger Things DLC was removed from sale. However, it’s suspected that the license was revoked by Netflix. This could be down to the use of the characters from the series in the game by players or simply a contract coming to an end. It’s likely we’ll never know for sure, but with rumors of the series coming back to Dead by Daylight, it doesn’t seem though anything untoward was the cause.