Dead by Daylight fans start petition to bring back Stranger Things DLC

‘Tis the season.

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight is a great place for crossover content. The asynchronous multiplayer horror game has featured Sadako from The Ring, Leon and Jill from the Resident Evil series, and even an Attack on Titan DLC pack. But those crossovers don’t last forever, and Stranger Things fans are petitioning to bring their favorite show back to the game.

As it stands, you cannot get the Demogorgon in the game anymore. The same goes for survivors Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler. They joined the game in September 2019, but as of November 2022, they are no longer available as DLC.

This has prompted the fans to start a petition to bring them back. Now that Stranger Things Season 4 is streaming on Netflix, the fandom has reached a fever pitch. The petition, found on, has nearly 16,000 signatures as of the time of this writing. “By signing this petition,” it reads, “you’re raising awareness to Behaviour Interactive and Netflix that the Dead by Daylight community wants Hawkins National Laboratory, Steve Harrington, Nancy Wheeler, Jonathan Byers, the Demogorgon, and more characters from Stranger Things in Dead by Daylight!” Steve, Nancy, the Demogorgon, and their accompanying map, dubbed The Underground Complex, are already established content, but this petition calls for even more characters. We already have our picks for the best survivors in the game, but Jonathan Byers would make for a great new addition.

The most recent survivor added to the game is Haddie Kaur. She comes as part of the latest chapter, Roots of Dread. Joining Haddie is The Dredge, a shambling, misshapen killer that can actually teleport between lockers. As with previous content packs, the two of them also bring a new map to the game. In this case, it’s the Garden of Joy, a once-lovely home set on the grounds of a private island.