Dead by Daylight leaks reveal Wesker, Ada, and Rebecca coming in Resident Evil: Project W

Details include unqiue voice lines for Wesker for all Killer actions.

Image via Thegamershankster on YouTube

DBDLeaks, a well-known source of reliable and accurate leaks for upcoming Dead by Daylight content, has shared details from the upcoming Dead by Daylight Resident: Project W. These suggest that Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers will be the new Survivors in Chapter 25, while Albert Wesker will take center stage as the Killer.

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There’s a lot of interesting information about Dead by Daylight Chapter 25 – Resident Evil: Project W to get players excited. The first is an image showing the bloodied skin variants for all characters in the DLC, as well as icons for their perks.

There are also details of how these perks, particularly Wesker’s, will function in the game. Wesker is said to be called The Mastermind, which is standard practice with all franchise Killer tie-ins in Dead by Daylight. Killers never share their established name because they’re a twisted form brought into Trials by The Entity. In this instance, The Mastermind’s ability is Virulent Bound, which uses the Uroboros Virus to infect Survivors and cause them some sort of harm.

Perks and Add-Ons that link to Wesker, Ada, and Rebecca have been shared, but these are all subject to change until the DLC is final and in players’ hands. Perhaps the most interesting part of these leaks comes from some audio files linked to Wesker.

These include grunts for his various actions, but also three types of chase music. One of these is titled “Transformed,” indicating that The Mastermind can change throughout a Trial. This could be similar to how The Shape alters his stance and becomes more lethal if you stalk Survivors for a certain amount of time. Wesker’s transformation will almost certainly be linked to the Uroboros Virus, which changes him into a hulking mass of black tentacles in Resident Evil 5. More information about Resident Evil: Project W is set to be revealed during Behaviour Beyond, which takes place on August 3.