When is the release date for Dead by Daylight: Project W?

Another Resident Evil collaboration for Dead by Daylight.

Image via Behaviour Interactive YouTube

Dead by Daylight has been quiet about Project W since their announcement during the Sixth Anniversary stream. Following the Behaviour Broadcast, it has been confirmed that Albert Wesker will be the next Killer to arrive at the game, alongside Survivors Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers from the Resident Evil franchise. This will be a paid expansion. When is the release date for Project W in Dead by Daylight?

Release Date for Dead by Daylight: Project W

While we now have the confirmation of Albert Wesker as the primary villain for the Project W expansion, when he, along with Ada and Rebecca, will be available on August 30. The Dead has confirmed it by Daylight time players will have the chance to jump into the game as these characters on this date, and you can purchase them in your preferred marketplace for your platform.

Before this goes live, you may want to download the Dead by Daylight test server to try these characters. You might have the opportunity to test them out to see if you want to purchase them and determine the best perks you can use on each character. We tried our best to play with Wesker, an aggressive Killer capable of chasing down his opponents with his terrifying charge.

The end of the Project W trailer does show off some of Wesker’s music, likely when he’s chasing you when you’re playing as a Survivor. Although we do not have a full rundown of his abilities or what Wesker can do as a Killer, we know he’ll have the full power of the Oroboros Virus, though it doesn’t look like he will take on the complete form of the virus.