Dead by Daylight Players Are Falling Off The Map Rushing to Complete Haunted by Daylight Challenges

Players are being flung off the map while they attempt to complete Haunted by Daylight challenges in Dead by Daylight.


Screenshot by Gamepur

As players rush to complete as many Haunted by Daylight challenges as possible before the event ends in Dead by Daylight, they’re also seeing a strange glitch that makes Survivors fall from the sky.

The Haunted by Daylight Halloween event comes to a close today, meaning players only have a couple of hours in which to complete as many challenges and unlock all time-limited exclusives possible. This includes the almost impossible A Ghastly Sting From the Void. However, the influx of players or the incoming end of the event seems to have brought out an odd glitch.

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Glitch Causes Dead by Daylight Players to Fall Out of the Void

Dead by Daylight’s Haunted by Daylight event has been live for the past two weeks, allowing players to earn time-limited cosmetics and additional progress for their Rift Passes. With so many free rewards on offer, players are flocking to the game as the event ends, but they’re battling a strange glitch.

@onhyx_ shared a clip of this glitch, which causes Survivors to fall from the sky when they exit the Void. Parts of the map have also disappeared when the Survivor lands, showing that the game struggles to load both the Void and the base map due to an error caused by players exiting the Void.

Another player, @VesseledIsOnDbd, shared the above clip of the exact same issue, and others have chimed in, explaining how the glitch is also impacting them. “This happened to me earlier hehe.”

Dead by Daylight is no stranger to glitches. In fact, developer Behaviour Interactive has been known to pull the killswitch on Killers like The Clown when glitches linked to them have broken the core gameplay experience.

With the issue we’re seeing in these videos, it’s likely that the developer will take no action because the event ends so soon. 2023’s Haunted by Daylight has been the most ambitious event in Dead by Daylight that we’ve ever seen, so it’s hardly surprising there’s a glitch causing issues for some players.

Given the popularity of the event and the surge we’ve seen in players over the course of today, we’d expect the void mechanic to return in future events. Since the drop from the Void doesn’t prevent players from doing anything they’d normally do, most fans have almost certainly grabbed all the time-limited cosmetics they wanted by now, and those who haven’t may have to go without once the Void recedes.