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How To Complete ‘A Ghastly Sting From The Void’ In Dead By Daylight

Dead by Daylight's Tome challenges can be incredibly complicated, and A Ghastly Sting From The Void is no exception.

A Ghastly Sting From The Void is a Haunted by Daylight Tome challenge in Dead by Daylight that tasks players with performing one of the toughest feats of the event. Not only do players need to summon a Haunt, they need to trick the opposition into getting stunned by it.

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Haunts are an intrinsic part of Haunted by Daylight, but using them is another matter entirely. This Tome challenge is lengthy because it pushes players to Collect Void Energy, summon their Haunts, and then go looking for the opposition so they can get them to run into said Haunts. It’s so difficult to do, but we’ve got a few tips to help guide players.

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How to Complete A Sting From the Void in Dead by Daylight

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To complete A Ghastly Sting From The Void in Dead by Daylight, players need to have an opposing player trigger a trap from a friendly Haunt 1 time. This sounds fairly easy on paper, but it’s probably the hardest thing to do using the Void and Haunt mechanics in the Haunted by Daylight event. Let’s break this down into steps to make it easier to follow.

Step 1: Collect Void Energy and Summon a Haunt

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Before players can trigger a trap from a friendly Haunt, they need to summon one. This requires Void Energy, which can be collected in different ways by Killers and Survivors. Killers can collect Void Energy by hooking and sacrificing Survivors, while Survivors can collect it by repairing generators.

Both types of characters can collect Void Energy by smashing pumpkins and grabbing Void Energy Orbs. Once players have a good chunk of energy, they need to deposit it in Void Rifts like the one in the screenshot above. After two or three deposits, the Void will open, and these Rifts become swirling vortexes players can pass through.

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When players pass through a Rift and enter the Void, they’ll find Haunts, which can be used for all sorts of challenges in Haunted by Daylight. Players summon them by walking up and standing near them to channel Void energy. Once a Haunt has been summoned, it’ll head to the main Trial map and out of the Void.

Step 2: Get Opposing Players to Trigger a Trap From a Friendly Haunt

Now for the hard part. Haunts appear on the Trial map in white and can be seen through all obstacles, so they’re hard to miss. Getting opposing players to run into them is tricky because it requires players to bait the enemy and push or pull them to a friendly Haunt.

On the one hand, this is easier as a Killer because no other players will accidentally use the friendly Haunts for themselves. On the other, this is easier for a Survivor because Killers will chase Survivors without thinking.

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We recommend doing this as a Survivor because we’ve not been able to pull it off as a Killer and trust us, we’ve been trying. The best method we’ve found is to wait for the Killer to find a Survivor and then run to them.

Once players have the Killer’s attention, they need to run for their friendly Haunt. As long as they don’t try to lose the Killer, they should be able to get them all the way there without being downed, but they’ll need to start from the Healthy State. As the Killer approaches the Haunt, players need to rush around it in an arc, curving back around so Killers run into it.

There aren’t really any Perks that will help players with this challenge. Anything that gives Survivors a second chance after being hit will, of course, make it easier, but really, players just need to be as fast and agile as possible so they can pull the Killer where they want them.

When players have succeeded in getting an opposing player to trigger a friendly Haunt, the challenge will pop up and complete on-screen. It’s tough to do, but it is possible because we’ve pulled it off and have seen it pulled off as Survivors a few times. The key is patience. So players need to put all their effort into collecting Void Energy, summoning Haunts, and doing whatever they can to get their enemies to run into them.

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