Dead Cells gets a boss rush mode for anyone who still wants a harder challenge

Because Boss Cells just aren’t enough.

Image via Motion Twin

Dead Cells’ boss rush mode first appeared on the game’s content roadmap in July, and now it’s out. The new mode is available on PC, and it’ll be added to the game on other platforms in “late October.” That gives console players the chance to prepare for what the new challenge entails.

As explained by developer Motion Twin in a new vlog, the boss rush is a separate mode from your typical Dead Cells playthrough. You don’t need to worry about doing Boss Cell runs here. Instead, you’ll find a new door in the Prisoner’s Quarters, near the Training Room and the Tailor. Pop in, and you’ll have the option to do a boss run.

These runs come in four flavors: three bosses, three bosses with modifiers, five bosses, and five bosses with modifiers. A three- or five-boss run will pit you against that number in succession, with each fight getting progressively harder. See the Dead Cells patch notes page for the list of boss tiers, and be prepared to face the Queen and other big bads once again. If you decide to do a run with modifiers, then you’ll have to deal with remixed fights that include enemy adds, extra attacks, and even healing bosses — because they’re not hard enough already.

The update also adds a statue to the Prisoner’s Quarters. As you do boss rush runs, you’ll earn new pieces to customize it. A new weapon, skill, mutation, and set of eight outfits are included in this update too. That’s on top of the usual bug fixes and balance changes.

Not only does boss rush look like a fresh, fun challenge for Dead Cells veterans, but it serves as another chapter in Motion Twin’s long-running story of support. June saw the addition of the Breaking Barriers update, which added a host of accessibility options. Prior to that, update 28.0 added a whole new biome, The Bank.