Destiny 2 Are Players Sending Hate Mail To Protest Fusion Rifle Buffs

Destiny 2 players are struggling with changes made to fusion rifles, creating discord in the community as fans attempt to strike a balance.

Image via Bungie

It has become a regular occurrence for FPS gamers to go against overpowered weapons and abilities in a live-action title. However, as developers add additional content to games, the fragile balance of intended designs seems to suffer.

In Destiny 2, there’s no shortage of small issues. This time, fusion rifles have received a little too much flavor to overlook. The recent update has made using fusion rifles less difficult, with surprising buffs creating conflict in the community. To combat the changes, players have taken things into their own hands, speaking out against the use of the weapons in Destiny 2.

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Destiny 2 players taking to social media, speaking out against weapon balance, albeit in a harsh manner. According to a Reddit post, players are getting hate mail just for using them. This seems to be a recurring problem, as one user mentioned receiving the same type of hate mail for using glaives, a recently added group of powerful melee weapons.

Unfortunately, these messages aren’t going to address the issue players are having – the fusion rifle meta. Players in the comments express frustration at being messaged, while those against the use of the weapons in Destiny 2 defend the act, stating it is only fair to ignore the fusion rifles until developers have rebalanced them in future updates.

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Players have seen the game undergo many changes, from monetization to vaulting old content, so change has almost become synonymous with the dev team. Hopefully, Destiny 2 developers will come up with a patch that makes the rifles less of a frustrating option in-game, creating a more balanced playing field. In the meantime, players hoping to advocate for a more enjoyable experience can pick other options while they wait for a more cemented solution.