10 Ways To Get Into Destiny 2 in 2023

Time flies when you’re shooting hostile aliens, but for new players looking to jump into Destiny 2, here’s why you should consider it.

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Over the years since the original Destiny game was released, a host of new content has come and gone. Much to the chagrin of some of the veterans still playing, the game is easier than ever to get into, thanks to some pruning of content and systems in-game.

What was once a linear progression-based game has turned into a pseudo-sandbox, where players are encouraged to jump into any content at their leisure. If you’re interested in sci-fi dramas or first-person shooters, there’s a place for you in Destiny 2, and here are our top ways to get you started.

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Look For A Clan

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For those familiar with MMOs, clans are the Destiny 2 equivalent of guilds. The purpose of clans is to form small communities of players with similar goals and playstyles to gather and experience the game together. The best resource to find a clan outside of the game is the official Bungie Clan Recruitment forums. If there are any questions you may have for the community, the forums are also a safe place to ask those questions.

Look Up Info About The Lore

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The lore of Destiny is very underrated by the gaming community. The world building is very detailed, and the history spans millennia with great detail. Destinypedia is a great resource for stories and characters that fill the universe, and it also does a better job at fleshing out the enemy factions than the actual game. We promise lore nerds will fall in love with the world as soon as they see what makes up the universe of Destiny 2.

If You Have A PS4 or Xbox One, Try The First Game

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The first game was released almost ten years ago, but it’s still shockingly modern despite its age. The story in-game is still very light, and the game’s community is not as large as the sequel. With that said, it’s a great introduction to the world and characters, as well as the gameplay loop that makes up the brunt of the content. If you’re able to get addicted to the loot mechanics, you’ll definitely enjoy the sequel and corresponding expansions.

Play Halo If You Haven’t Already

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If you haven’t already heard, Destiny’s developers were originally the team behind the Halo series. Halo is one of the best franchises of all time, so if you haven’t tried it yet, you should give it a shot. Especially if you have access to Xbox Game Pass. You can even play it over the cloud if you have a strong internet connection. You’ll get a pretty good feel for the type of gunplay you’ll see in Destiny 2, particularly the polish and overall smoothness of attacking enemies and basic movement.

Check Out Some Gameplay Online

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There’s no shortage of online content for Destiny 2, thanks to its passionate community of content creators. You can literally find video content for everything, including beginner guides, lore and story recaps, and upcoming content. You can also get a look at the game’s three classes, as they play very differently from one another. You can also see all the cool armor and cosmetics you can customize your character.

Try The PvP

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While we know PvP isn’t for everyone, Destiny 2’s PvP is actually a lot of fun once you have a grip on the controls. There’s so much chaos happening on-screen at once that it’s almost a spectacle to witness players shooting out magic and scaling walls. Okay, that last part may have been an exaggeration, but the fact that the classes can jump really high can give you that illusion. Not to mention, you’ll get the opportunity to earn new gear just by participating.

It Has Open Progression Now

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As we mentioned earlier, the game is now completely open when it comes to progression. When it first launched, players had to progress through the Red War campaign in order to unlock the “Endgame” portion of the experience. Ever since the Beyond Light expansion was released, the endgame has become the game. If you are worried about falling behind other players and having to spend a lot of time playing catchup, rest assured that the barrier to entry has been smashed to pieces.

It Also Has This Cool PvPvE Mode If You’re Interested

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If straight-up PvP doesn’t tickle your fancy, a cool, unique mode called Gambit allows you to get that competitive adrenaline going without worrying about a potential skill gap. The objective for this mode is to collect and deposit motes inside a portal to summon the final boss, then kill it before the other team does. We’ve lost hundreds of hours in this mode, shooting down bad guys and collecting motes for our team. All your weapons are fully functional here, so it’s also a cool way to show off your neat weapons.

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Do Some Research On Raiding

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If you’re unfamiliar with raiding, it’s a mode that encourages teamwork and coordination to complete seemingly impossible challenges. Of course, as a new Guardian, you’ll have to find a nice group to play with first, but that’s the relatively easy part compared to what’s to come. Actually, we’re making this sound worse than it actually is. Raids in Destiny 2 aren’t as bad as traditional MMOs; they’re just a bit more puzzle-heavy than the other content in the game. If difficult content tickles your fantasy, it’s worth a look, in our opinion.

Just Try It Out, It’s Free!

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Games are an investment, and it takes a lot of time out of our busy schedules to commit and progress at an acceptable rate. What’s been great for games in today’s era is the growth of free-to-play games and the fact that many companies are adopting this model. The game is perfectly playable for free on consoles, PCs, and the cloud, but it’ll cost a monthly fee for the latter. There’s a ton of content for free players to enjoy, but keep in mind that many of the modes mentioned on this list are unavailable unless you buy certain expansions.