Destiny 2 Cross Save Confirmed For All Platforms, Including PS4

Destiny 2

So it seems the rumors were true, as the Google Stadia stream today confirmed that a cross-save feature will be coming to Destiny 2. Cross-save will allow you to move your Guardians between platforms and will work between PC, Xbox One, and PS4 and Google Stadia.

This will allow players to transfer their progress between the systems they plan on, and they will no longer need to have different Guardians on different platforms. You will still need to own a copy of the game on the platform you wish to play on, but this means you won’t need to endlessly repeat the same content to try and get all your characters leveled up. Instead, you can play on PC, then Raid with friends on Xbox, and transfer your progress to your PC account. After that, hop onto PS4 to play with even more friends.

The recent release of Dauntless is a great example of a game that has implemented crossplay very well, as you can seamlessly play with people on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and it is actually quite nice to load into a mission and see the little symbols beside people’s names that let you know what platform you are on. Hopefully, games like Dauntless, and the new Cross-Save feature for Destiny 2, show a greater willingness for platforms to work together like this in the future.

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