This Version of Destiny 2 Is No Longer Available Error Is A Known Issue At Bungie

Destiny 2

Update February 23, 2021: If you are seeing this error code today it is related to extended downtime for Destiny 2. Servers will be back online at 19:00 UTC, according to Bungie. This was a scheduled additional downtime.

Original Article: “This version of Destiny 2 is no longer available” is not something we expected to see today as we attempted to log into the game. Plenty of other players also experiencing this issue, across the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. All versions of Destiny 2 appear to be affected by the problem, so you are not alone if you are one of the many players who cannot log on right now.

The issues started a short while ago, but Bungie issued a tweet through their Bungie Help Twitter account to advise us all that they are working on a solution to these issues.

Some players have reported that a simple system restart of their consoles fixed the error. For anyone experiencing this problem, you’ll want to try this solution before anything else.

Until then, Destiny 2 players are going to need to wait for a backend solution. This error could be an underlying, much more complex problem that’s going to take the Bungie team time to fix. It might also be a very simple thing tied some a quick backend maintenance that Bungie will running about an hour ago.

Either way, don’t panic. There’s nothing wrong with your version of Destiny 2. This problem is likely a backend system error that Bungie will discover the solution to as soon as they can.

Until then, feel free to kill some time by reading up on the free content coming to Destiny 2: New Light. The New Light content is what’s going to happen once Destiny 2 moves to the free-to-play format on October 1.

If you have friends that are planning to hop in for the first time when New Light releases on October 1, you’ll want to make sure you detail everything they’re going to be able to do when the free-to-play format launches.