Silver Linings: Destiny 2’s Eververse is Getting Some Big Changes Next Season

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When Destiny 2‘s new Season of Dawn drops on Dec. 10, there’s new content coming to the game, such as changes to the game’s somewhat-controversial Eververse store where players can purchase microtransactions.

In the recent This Week at Bungie blog post, the developers outlined several changes coming to the store. Eververse has relied on two forms of currency to purchase its items: Bright Dust and Silver. Players earned Bright Dust through in-game activities, while Silver was only available by purchasing it with real money. This option raised ire with fans because the unique gear was behind a paywall.

This past season, Shadowkeep, the currency was split down the middle with what items you could receive with Silver and what was available for Bright Dust. But with the new season, Season of Dawn, Bungie is changing the number of Bright Dust items to be about 80 percent of the items available. That means you can only get one-fifth of the items in the store with real money.

Bungie would announce items were coming to Eververse through social media, but players were confused about what was available for Bright Dust or Silver. Now, Bungie plans to make these announcements more transparent to clear up the confusion.

Previously, players had to double-check if they already had an item available on Eververse. Now, they can’t buy something they already have on their account.

Bungie is also modifying how players earn Bright Dust. Now, completing Weekly and Repeatable bounties nets you the same amount of Bright Dust you would receive from Crucible, Gambit Matches, and Strikes.

Players have shared their anger toward the Eververse and the content it locks behind paywalls. While these changes help, it’s important to note that the best gear will remain behind those paywalls. It’s a step in the right direction. However, Bungie still has plenty of work to do in appeasing the player base’s concerns.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.