Destiny 2 fans are bickering about Lightfall weapons having “similar models” to Shadowkeep

Those guns came from the moon.

Image via Bungie

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Destiny 2’s next expansion, Lightfall, will take the Guardians to Neptune in 2023. With another expansion comes a fresh set of locations, quests, and weapons. Unfortunately, some members of the Destiny 2 community see the new guns as being a bit stale.

Reddit user Delicious-Edge3110 saw these complaints and decided to make their own statement on the issue. Their forum thread contains some comparison shots showing that Destiny 2 has been using similar gun models all along. In these examples, the skin pattern is the only difference. This wasn’t done to support the argument of “recycled content” in Lightfall, but rather to demonstrate that similar gun models have been a regular part of the game all along. The comments by and large agree with this, pointing out that there are already tons of weapon options in Destiny 2. The general sentiment is that offering new skins for existing guns is good enough, especially this many years into the live game.

There are counterpoints, though. Commenter psycodull explains that while weapon reskins are common, past expansions have launched with completely new weapon models. It’s a fair statement, though it’s equally as fair to say that Lightfall may introduce more weapons than the ones we’ve seen in the recent Game Awards trailer.

Of course, we’re also getting an entirely new set of powers called Strand. This green energy brings new supers to each of Destiny 2’s three classes. Hunters swing around a rope dart, Titans tear through enemies with energy claws, and Warlocks shoot out threads that disintegrate the target. Additionally, every class can use Strand as a grappling hook to swing around the city of Neomuna on Neptune.

Despite any gripes around Lightfall’s weapons, the expansion is shaping up to be a fun time. Lightfall’s release date is February 28, 2023, and pre-orders are open now. The Collector’s Edition includes several physical goodies like an 8-inch replica of Elsie Bray’s Pouka companion.