Destiny 2 fans can’t stop comparing the Season of Defiance armor with an iconic Bungie armor set

It was one of Bungie’s elite projects.

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion is right around the corner, and Bungie recently shared a good amount of information as we get closer to its arrival at the end of the month. The expansion will kick off at the same time as the new season, the Season of Defiance, and Bungie has recently unveiled its cover art. The art showcased the iconic armor players can earn by participating, and Destiny 2 fans are comparing the Warlock armor to another elite Bungie armor set from a previous game.

The Season of Defiance announcement appeared in Bungie’s latest blog post surrounding Destiny 2 and what the upcoming year will look like after Lightfall launches. The artwork for the Season of Defiance kicked off many fans comparing the Warlock armor set to the Elites from Halo, which Bungie has not worked on for nearly a decade.

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The comparisons happened nearly immediately on the Destiny 2 subreddit, with fans showing that the headpiece from the Warlock armor was the standout comparison. It looks similar to the older design of Halo’s Elites, where they had larger crests on their head, likely for ceremonies. Destiny 2 players have not been knocking the armor. Instead, they’re big fans of the inspiration and believe it’s extremely fitting for the class and the armor set to appear in Season 20. There was a lot of hype shared by the Destiny 2 fanbase yesterday, especially about the future of upcoming Exotic missions set to a rotating playlist.

Fans are looking forward to discovering everything that’s happening in the background of the Season of Defiance, with several fans believing it’s going to take place somewhere on Earth, given the fauna that appears on the edges of the artwork. The exact location and the invasion-like look of the multiple ships on the horizon show that Destiny 2 players are going to have their work cut out for them moving into Lightfall and the seasons following their encounter with The Witness.

For now, we are left speculating about the Season of Defiance, but there’s no denying their hype for the upcoming armor. We’ll likely learn more about what to expect in Lightfall following the Season of the Seraph finale quest set to launch later today.