Destiny 2 fans rejoice as Bungie assures they won’t immediately die when they stick the landing using Strand

The future of grappling hooks became a lot more fun for Destiny 2 players.

Image via Bungie

Strand has yet to arrive in Destiny 2, but players are already looking forward to unlocking their next Darkness power and swinging through the streets of Neomuna, where the Lightfall expansion takes place. Strand will add a level of versatility for players, giving them a chance to use grappling hooks and swing through the game, opening up the doors to multiple possibilities. It also means Guardians might find themselves crashing into each other, potentially leading to numerous embarrassing deaths. Bungie assures fans this won’t be the case, but players are not entirely safe.

These details were outlined in Bungie’s latest blog post, which primarily ran down some of the biggest ability changes players can expect when Lightfall arrives. In short, when Lightfall launches, physics collision damage will no longer be lethal to Guardians, bringing them down to one health point rather than killing them. Feel free to stand up and dance with your fireteam because bumping shoulders in Destiny 2 is now possible.

Many Destiny 2 fans were likely worried that when they used the grappling hook alongside their fireteam, they’d have to watch out where they were going. If physics collision damage were to remain in the game, this could have become a much more problematic situation, potentially stifling players from actively using it in intense combat situations.

Players will still need to remain wary, though. Although it will not outright cause their Ghost to come out and start killing them, hitting another player can still lower their health down to one. It only takes a single hit from a stray Cabal shot to take them out. However, this does keep the versatility and freedom Bungie has been pushing leading up to Lightfall, alongside the many changes they’re working on for buildcrafting and the upcoming weapon nerfs.

It looks like Strand will be an exciting way for players to travel. Yesterday, Bungie sent out an email blast to multiple Destiny 2 players, showing how much they played the other subclasses before Strand became everyone’s new favorite. The announcement about removing lethal physics collision does help enforce this, but it’s important to note that Guardians can still perish from fall damage. Look out below, Guardians.