Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost Gets A Fun And Spooky Trailer

Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost, a celebration of all things Halloween, is on the way later today. A trailer has been released showcasing new armor and a new weapon to get us all interested, all narrated by Eva, everyone’s favorite surrogate Grandma.

The Braytech Werewolf is the new event weapon, a legendary Auto Rifle that will drop at a minimum of 950 Power, which will be a nice Power boost for some people out there. The weapon will also be farmable, with random rolls, for those who like to see the God Tier rolls of everything in the game. There will also be some unique armor for the event, jet black armor with brightly drawn skeletons on it, much like the classic Halloween costume.

Masks, candy, costumes, and witch’s broom Sparrows will all make a return. Festival of the Lost has become a yearly tradition in Destiny, and we will more than likely see the return of the Haunted Forest, a PvE event that will see you chasing monsters through a dangerous map to try and get loot.

According to Bungie, you need to be 770 Power to begin the event, so that is everyone in the game, as it only takes an hour or so to get beyond that Power level after first starting the game. You’ll be able to upgrade your special masks for the Haunted Forrest, and once again special mods will be making a return that increases your effectiveness in the event and will be necessary for those who wish to have the best possible runs during the 15 minutes that the Haunted Forrest runs will last.