The full Destiny 2 game is free on PC until Nov. 18

 The full Destiny 2 game is free on PC until Nov. 18

The entire Destiny 2 experience, minus the DLC, is currently free for all PC players until Nov. 18.

That’s right, the entire game is free as a special Blizzcon present to anyone watching at home and you don’t even need to own the Virtual Ticket to get your hands on it.

To get it, all you need to do is log onto anytime from now until Nov. 18 and you will receive a gift notification on the client when you next log in stating that you have unlocked the game.

Players registering a account now to get the game for free will need to enable Blizzard SMS protection before they are allowed to redeem the game. Anyone with an existing account might also need to do the same to get the notification.

Additionally, Destiny 2’s Gambit mode will be having a free weekend on Nov. 9 to 11.

If you already have Destiny 2 before this special deal, however, don’t be discouraged as you will unlock a special emblem to use in-game to show off your loyalty for the early purchase. The emblem is set to release this December.

Image via Blizzard, Activision