Bungie Ready To Tone Down Micro-Transactions, Adds Free Season Content

Destiny 2

Bungie plans to rework on the Microtransactions in Destiny along with modification in XP and offering free Season Content to gamers. The developer has said they will be doing major changes in the game especially on the grounds of earning rewards. There will be updates in the Eververse model. Christopher Barrett game director shared updates on the official site on upcoming plans of Destiny 2 among which scaling down Eververse is the most noted one.

Destiny 2

Below is the extract of Eververse changes that player will see after the new update. Barrett shared that Eververse was not intended to be a substitute for end game content and rewards. So planned to introduce there major changes in the upcoming seasons.

Eververse Updates:

  • We’re shifting the balance of new content in favor of activity rewards over Bright Engrams. This includes adding Ghosts, Sparrows, and ships (to date found only in Bright Engrams) to achievement reward pools.
  • We’ll provide a gameplay path to earn Bright Engrams and all contained rewards (including Event Engrams).
  • We’ll give players more direct purchase options and make adjustments to Bright Engrams to allow players to get the items they want more often.

Strike Scoring System will also return to Bungie according to the shared update. It replaces the current time limit mechanic at Nightfall (Strikes). Scoring here will be similar to Destiny 1 but with certain modification to keep the game more competitive.

After facing the backlash from the gaming community on the Micro-transactions controversy it looks Destiny 2 developers are ready to take a firm decision on bringing some changes. Barrett stated “We’re not just listening, we are doing”, through the blog to emphasize the interest in fixing the game. The statement also talks about community-related features that will be part of Destiny 2 after the update. You can read the full update info on the source link below.

Source: Bungie.net