Destiny 2 Player Smashes Season of the Witch Season Pass in Five Days

After being encouraged to tackle Season of the Witch by the community, one Destiny 2 player completed the season pass in just five days.


Image via Bungie

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Destiny 2’s seasons are built to give players a steady stream of challenges through which they’ll earn experience for the season pass and, therefore, unique seasonal rewards. However, after seeking advice from the community, one player beat Season of the Witch’s season pass in just five days.

Each new season offers Destiny 2 players a season pass with 100 ranks to work through. Each one requires experience earned via gameplay and challenge completions and gives players the opportunity to unlock Exotic items and weapons without the need to attempt complex dungeons. Seasons last for a couple of months, which is ample time to collect everything, but now one player has shown that it’s possible to do the same in less than a week.

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Destiny 2 Community Bands Together to Help One Player Blast Through the Latest Season Pass in Record Time

Six days ago, Destiny 2 player Beardlaser asked the Destiny 2 community on the game’s Subreddit whether or not it would be possible to complete the Season of the Witch season pass in a week. Due to what sounds like flood issues, they’d been unable to play for the majority of the season, and were at the point where they wanted to grind for rewards.

Players offered supportive advice to Beardlaser, insisting that the mission as possible, though it would also be intense. “Just concentrate on the challenges and try to be as efficient as possible doing multiple at a time. It’s doable.” Five days later, Beardlaser reported back in to inform those who had helped them that they’d completed the task.

We’ve completed one or two season passes in totality since they were added to Destiny 2. With so many live service games, we find it difficult to commit to one and hit the top rank before a season ends. Beardlaser has shone a new light onto Destiny 2’s season passes for us and many others because they did what took us months in five days total.

Mercifully, the player broke down their process to help others do the same. “Challenges and bounties. Do ritual and planetary bounties on all 3 characters, at least for the well-rested bonus. And try to fulfill as many at once as possible. So fill up on bounties, join a fireteam, cash them out, switch characters.”

“I stuck with my titan for most of the challenges. I listed challenge requirements by activity type in a spreadsheet and grouped ones that could be done at the same time. So using the seasonal machine gun and scout rifle and a solar subclass in the seasonal activities. Every time I went to orbit, I’d grab more bounties. Edit: I should add that it’s easier at the end of a season because all the challenges are available. At the beginning of a season, you have to rely on bounties and kills.”

Beardlaser’s advice is sound and demonstrates how players really can leave a Destiny 2 season pass until the last minute. Season of the Wish kicks off November 28, 2023, meaning this player has time to spare to pick up the seasonal Seal if they want to.

However, next season may be the last time players can do this. Following the release of The Final Shape, Bungie will transform seasons into episodes and shift how the evolving story of Destiny 2 looks while it focuses on Marathon’s development.