Destiny 2 players are convinced Bungie has forgotten Gambit exists

Not everything has been openly talked about.

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2 players have a lot to look forward to in the next few months, and Bungie has been hard to work laying this all out without offering too many spoilers ahead of Year 6. With the Lightfall expansion weeks away, everyone is excited to jump onto Neptune and try out Strand for the first. Everyone, except maybe Drifter and his favorite playlist mode, Gambit. Players have noticed that there’s little to no mention of Gambit by Bungie in recent announcements, and they have jokingly been speculating that Bungie has forgotten it exists.

These thoughts were shared after Bungie announced its State of the Game blog post and shared what awaits players in Lightfall, and the seasons surrounding it. This included announcements of Season 20, Season of Defiance, and Season 21, Season of the Deep.

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The post goes through multiple changes the team plans to make, mentioning their intention to enrich their content surrounding Crucible, Vanguard Strikes, and bringing an Exotic mission rotating playlist when Season 22 arrives later this year. There is, however, no mention of Destiny 2’s Gambit mode, and fans immediately began sharing memes about the lack of Gambit and how it fits into Bungie’s plans moving forward.

Although players continue to jest, the lack of Gambit is concerning. Bungie was extremely thorough in its State of the Game post earlier this week, and it felt like the team left no stone unturned. There’s still a lot we haven’t heard, such as what the seasonal activities will be in Season of Defiance or what significant changes await players after completing Lightfall, but the lack of Gambit feels off.

However, this might be Bungie’s intention. The Gambit playlist has had a troubling history with Destiny 2 players, with many only doing it to complete their weekly Pinnacle engram and then never touching it again. In the past, Bungie has attempted to shake things up in this game mode, making it more challenging and taking in player feedback. Despite this, players still have a complicated relationship with the mode. Potentially, Bungie might be saving a more extensive post for Gambit, breaking down changes they want to make and its future in Destiny 2.

Hopefully, Bungie will come forward with hefty ideas on how the team wants to change the mode. The fanbase has taken notice of its absence, and we’re curious to see where it fits into Destiny 2’s future.