Destiny 2 fans are heartbroken after the latest mission, sets the stage for Lightfall

The end begins, Guardians.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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We’re two weeks away from the Lightfall expansion, and Bungie is setting the stage for Destiny 2 players to dive onto Neptune in a war against The Witness and Calus. Today, a season finale mission took place, setting the stage for the upcoming expansion, where we see the departure of The Traveler from The Last City. On top of this, the finale featured a heartbreaking character sacrifice that many fans theorized had been set up, making the approach of Lightfall even darker.

The season finale mission is Final Dawn, and it features Rasputin being uploaded to the Warsat network with Ana initiating his self-destruct sequence to remove them, preventing Eramis and The Witness from destroying the Traveler.

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Rasptuin’s sacrifice was a difficult one, especially for Ana, as she was the one who had to pull the plug on him. Some fans are theorizing that if Rasputin had not made the sacrifice, The Traveler may have protected The Last City from the blast, or if it had left entirely, leaving the Guardians, the Cabal, and the Eliksni to fend for themselves. Regardless, it’s moved away from The Last City and is now orbiting Earth.

The final part of the latest cutscene has The Darkness explaining that The Traveler is not running because it has nowhere else to go, but some fans are hopeful it’s because The Traveler believes in the Guardians and wishes to fight against The Witness and its oncoming darkness.

With The Traveler now orbiting above Earth, many fans point out parts of the cutscene was Bungie paying homage to the original Destiny cover art, with the Traveler floating in space. It’s a good throwback to this cover art, and fans are eager to see where this will take them in the upcoming expansion.

Screenshot by Gamepur

For now, we’re left speculating about what Lightfall holds for players, but Bungie is doing its best to fill those gaps without spoiling too much. The team has shared they’re trying to find ways for more casual players to make it easier to jump into the game, which has the community divided as hardcore players want to make sure there’s plenty of difficult and challenging content for them to complete, with time-consuming challenges. We’ll find out when Lightfall launches in Destiny 2 on February 28, alongside the Season of Defiance.