Destiny 2 players think they’ve figured out the new raid boss, and Bungie was terrible at hiding it

An old enemy could return.


Screenshot via Bungie’s YouTube channel

Destiny 2’s Lightfall has arrived, and there have been mixed feelings about the launch. Fans are enjoying the creation of the mod customization Bungie created, but they’re torn on the execution of the story, some are even calling it lackluster and subpar. Despite these mixed reviews, players are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the World First race for the upcoming raid, The Root of Nightmares. Well ahead of its appearance, fans already have plenty of evidence pointing to who the final boss will be, and it feels like Bungie has been practically handing out the answer.

The speculation comes from a lot of dialogue that appears after you’ve completed the Lightfall campaign. Much occurs while working through the various side missions, exotic quests, and the Terminal Overload activity on Neptune. Many fans believe The Root of Nightmares raid will have Nesarec as the final boss, and he could have a tough time facing off against Strand.

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Players know little about Nesarec, but we’ve been slowly learning more about this powerful entity over the past few years, most notably during last year’s Season of Plunder. It turns out that Nesarec’s corpse had been discovered, and his body cut up by Eliskni to grant them power, which The Witness entrusted Eramis to find during this time.

Nesarec is one of The Witness’ Disciples, a powerful entity empowered by the villain, and was appointed by Rhulk, the raid boss from The Witch Queen expansion, The Last Vow. It’s believed that Nesarec was potentially the owner of the original owner of the Lunar Pyramid, and many more descriptions list him as “the final god of pain.” The Lunar Pyramid was stranded there when Nesarec crashed during the first Collapse.

Fans believe Nesarec is the upcoming boss for The Roots of Nightmare because dialogue tied to Nesarec frequently appears in multiple activities after completing the Lightfall campaign. At first, this dialogue was from an unknown voice, but the voice confirmed itself to be a Nesarec, with many believing he’s starting to wake up following the events of The Veil and The Witness walking through the Traveler.

Although we cannot confirm this information, these details do line up. It also feels like Bungie has done little to try and hide this fact. It’s less interested in the mystery of everything and is instead keen to share this with fans. Hopefully, when The Roots of Nightmare raid launches next week on March 9, World First competitors and fans can finally end Nesarec and put him to sleep for good.