Bungie hears Destiny 2 players’ criticism about Strand, unlocking all fragments ahead of schedule

Look inside and find more Strand.

Image via Bungie

It has been a busy week for both Destiny 2 players and Bungie. The highly-anticipated Lightfall campaign has arrived, and across the board, players are sharing their disappointment with how the campaign story wrapped up and the way Strand feels as a newly added subclass. To help fight off these feelings and give players a better experience with this class, Bungie has decided to unlock all Strand fragments ahead of schedule.

The announcement was shared on Bungie’s official Twitter page and in their This Week at Bungie post. Bungie has acknowledged that they hear players loud and clear about this new subclass, but unfortunately, they won’t be able to apply the same immediate patch to anything regarding the Lightfall story and how the tale concluded.

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Lightfall has even been out a week, and Bungie is already making drastic changes they haven’t done before, unlocking the Strand subclass ahead of schedule and before the upcoming raid, The Root of Nightmares. This shows how intensely the current player base has been sharing their heated criticism about the Lightfall campaign and the Strand subclass.

For many, it has been a big disappointment when they reached the end of the campaign. Previously, the story had players constantly using their Grapple to zip around the map, but this uses the players’ grenade charge. Not only does this have a much longer cooldown when players unlock the class, but putting it on top of the ability cooldown changes Bungie made across the board for Lightfall, makes it even more painful. Hopefully, these present changes address some player issues that they were having.

Although this might help with the Strand subclass after players have completed the game, this likely won’t address the heated discussions on Reddit surrounding the campaign story. Many feel that the Lightfall campaign is filler and doesn’t tell a whole story. When players reached the end, they had more questions than answers, and it now seems like those answers will need to be addressed in one of the upcoming seasons or the 2024 expansion, The Final Shape. Between now and then, though, Bungie will need to do quite a bit to get back player’s faith.