Destiny 2 Gives A Nod To Dragon Ball Z With The Link Up Emote

Destiny 2

A new cosmetic in Destiny 2 pays homage to Dragon Ball Z. The Link Up emote is an apparent reference to the fusion dance in Dragon Ball Z. The fusion dance allows two fighters to become one super fighter. Sounds pretty cool right? That’s because it is. If you imagine that you and a mighty friend join forces to become twice as powerful in a single body, then you are on the right track to saving the day. Unfortunately, you won’t be fusing in Destiny 2 to create a Huntlock or a Wartan, but it is a fun reference nonetheless.

One of the more fun things that Destiny 2 has added over the years is two people performing an emote together. If you own the emote you can equip it, then use it in the game, and other players around you will get an on-screen notice that you are waiting for someone to join in, and they can accept the emote invitation. You can see the emote in action in a video from Youtuber ATX609.

It would have been nice for some Fusion Rifles to appear on the Guardian’s backs, to complete the reference, but it is still pretty cool. You can purchase the Link Up Emote from Tess Eververse for 800 Silver (it’s not cheap, coming in at around $8). Tess does have an offering each week that you can buy with Bright Dust, a currency earned in game, although it is not known right now if the Link Up Emote can end up in that particular loot pool.

As such, if you want to Link Up with a fellow Guardian right now, you will need to part with that real-world money.