Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph trailer is giving some fans Deep Stone Crypt vibes

Who’s up for another spacewalk?

Image via Bungie

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The new season of Destiny 2 content is here. Season of the Seraph sees several Braytech facilities under siege by the Hive God of War, sparking a special mission that the Guardian forces must carry out. That’s the narrative thrust of the new season, but the mission structure and aesthetics are reminding fans of a fan-favorite raid from Destiny 2’s past.

Specifically, Deep Stone Crypt has come up a few times in the comments section under the Season of the Seraph trailer and the official discussion thread on Reddit. Operation: Seraph’s Shield, the new mission for players to undertake this season, is being compared to the 2020 raid, and for good reason. The concept of infiltrating a high-security space facility is similar, and several shots just after the one-minute mark in the trailer are even reminiscent of Deep Stone Crypt’s spacewalk segment. To be clear, Operation: Seraph’s Shield is a bespoke mission, but the comparisons definitely feel appropriate.

That said, there’s nothing preventing Bungie from reprising Deep Stone Crypt as a revamped raid in Season of the Seraph. King’s Fall returned during Season of Plunder, so a precedent has been set. Plus, we already know that there’s additional content coming as the season goes on. For example, a new Exotic dubbed Revision Zero will become available on December 20. Players will have to re-run Operation: Seraph’s Shield for their chance to get it.

Of course, that’s not the only Exotic getting the spotlight during Season of the Seraph. The Rose hand cannon is available now in the Crucible competitive division, and you can The Manticore submachine gun exotic by purchasing the new season pass. Additionally, there are plenty of new cosmetics and gear sets to acquire. The High Voltage, Wolves Howl, and Warminded lineups are part of the new season, as is a set of Assassin’s Creed crossover cosmetics.