Destiny 2 Servers Not Available, But Don’t Fret, Bungie Are Working To Fix The Issue

Destiny 2

Image via Bungie

Update: Bungie has tweeted to advise that the maintenance is still ongoing.

Original Story: The launch of Destiny 2 on Steam, and the New Light and Shadowkeep versions of the game have arrived today. It has not been going smoothly. Customers are getting hit with all sorts of error messages, and they also appear to be problems with the Cross-Save feature as well.

Things have gotten so bad that Bungie has pulled down the servers for Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 to try and work on a fix. Unfortunately, the problems seem to be especially bad on Steam, where Destiny is trying to have its first day as a game.

There is nothing much to be done at this point except keep an eye on the Bungie Help Twitter account to see when they bring the servers back up. While it’s not helpful to try to log on to a game and not be able to, Bungie did seem to be taking a lot on their plate with the launch of the free-to-play version, Shadowkeep, and the new Steam version all in one day.

While I did predict that launch day issues would occur, I would be lying if I said I expected them to be as impactful as they have been. If you are at a loss about what to do until the servers come back online, I would suggest checking out Youtuber MynameisByf’s 4-hour long video about the complete story of Destiny.

It is a fantastic piece of work, and if an excellent way to pass the time while we all wait to get back into the game again.