Destiny 2’s Trials of Osiris flawless pool is being updated

Flawless players get a bit more of a chance.

Image via Bungie

At the beginning of Season of the Lost, the Trials of Osiris game mode went through some massive changes that attempted to make the game mode more fun and accessible to players of all skill levels. With the first week of these new changes in the books, it appears that they were a success as the game hit 750,000 players total and 250,000 players going to the lighthouse.

It wasn’t all good though, as there were some match-balancing issues that needed to be addressed, such as solo queued players matching teams of flawless players and getting blown out. In an attempt to balance out some of the matches, Bungie attempted to turn on the flawless pool, which permitted players that went to the lighthouse during week 2 of Trials to only match other flawless players.

This change was mostly successful for lower-level players attempting to go flawless or earn some rewards, but the community of medium to high skilled players were quick to voice their annoyance with the new system. Players argued that it immediately became too hard to enjoy the playlist after going flawless due to only matching high-skill players. They also feel like they are unable to farm for Adept weapons and materials as well. Another issue was that lower-skill players that went flawless were placed into a much higher skill bracket when attempting to play more, harming their experience as well.

In an effort to combat both high-level skill players wiping lower-level teams and keeping the fun, Bungie will now be waiting until Sunday to turn on the flawless pool. This will allow players two days to farm flawless runs, Adept weapons, and materials without being placed into a higher skill bracket. After Sunday though, the lower-level players should have a much higher chance at visiting the lighthouse.

Additionally, Trials of Osiris will be seeing a new game mode this weekend. Trials Labs: Capture Zone will spawn a zone 30 seconds into the round that players can immediately capture to win the round. Like always, you could just eliminate the other team, but this game mode should prevent players from sitting way back and promote more fighting within the mode.