Diablo 4 Dev Confirms Battle Pass Cosmetics will be for Every Class

Seasonal cosmetics will be one size fits all and available to every class.


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Diablo 4’s first season and battle pass are coming soon, and as we approach the launch of the game’s first proper step into live service, there are still some lingering questions about how they will work. Now, the developer has confirmed one piece of info that fans will be happy to hear.

All seasonal cosmetics players earn through the battle pass will be available to every class in Diablo 4, so players can rest easy knowing they will unlock new cosmetics for every character they make or play in the future.

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Cosmetics Earned During Each Season Will Be Available for Every Class in Diablo 4

Screenshot by Gamepur

This revelation comes from Diablo general manager Rod Fergusson after responding to a fan question on Twitter. The fan asked Fergusson, “any thoughts to a discounted battle pass if you’ve completed the current one, even just for other class cosmetics? I remember on Immortal, I wanted to get the cosmetics for other classes when I finished but there was no option.” In response, Fergusson replied that Battle Pass cosmetics will be “class agnostic” and, once earned, can be used by all classes in the games.

Put simply, if you unlock a new helm in the battle pass playing as a barbarian, you can use that same helm on a necromancer you make later or have already. Players expected this to be the case, but it’s reassuring to have confirmation right from the source. Given the different body types and appearances of the classes in Diablo 4, we can imagine there will be some slight difference between each class in how these cosmetics will look. Regardless, fans will soon have even more options when it comes to customization. With that said, that’s not stopped some fans from requesting more features, such as a black dye and player icons.

With season 1 launching in mid to late July, it’s not too long till players get their first taste of what Diablo 4’s season will look like, and see how the game’s live service approach will work. So far, we know we can expect seasonal questlines, season journeys for updates, new legendary effects and items, and the chance to earn platinum to buy premium cosmetics from the in-game store.

We also know that two expansions are currently in the works, showing that the team is confident that the games will be enjoyed and supported for years to come. That said, the revelation that each season will require players to reroll new characters hasn’t put players in the greatest of moods leading up to season 1.

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With a developer update live stream coming in early July, covering the upcoming season, we will soon get the full details on Diablo 4’s first season and likely get more details on how these will work in the future.