Diablo 4 Players Think Missing Endgame Feature Was A Huge Mistake

Diablo 4 players feel like there’s a missing feature that Blizzard should have added when they reached the endgame.

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It’s been a whirlwind for Diablo 4 players as they frantically work to make it through to the end of the game and begin preparing their characters for the road ahead. Although received extremely positively by critics and players, some in the Diablo 4 community have noticed an oversight by the development team: Party Finder.

Many players who are reaching the end of the game struggle to connect with others who are also on the same level and complete some of the more difficult content. Many in the Diablo 4 community believe a Party Finder feature would add a good amount of longevity to the game and make it far easier to begin tackling endgame content for anyone who reaches it without relying on friends.

Diablo 4 Players Want a Party Finder Feature for Endgame Content

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The conversation was brought up on the Diablo 4 Reddit, where user Craz93 brought up that now that they’ve reached the end game, they’d be having a lot more fun with the game if there was a Party Finder feature. It’d be easier for them to track down other players who want to complete dungeons together rather than going through it by themselves.

Having played the game ourselves, we can sympathize with this perspective. After reaching a certain point with a character, anyone who continues to play Diablo 4, they’ll need to wait for other friends to catch up to them before joining them in the endgame.

One commenter brought up how the endgame feels to them, pointing out that Diablo 4 “plays like a single player game, but needs to be online to play, but with no real avenues to play with other people.” Other players who have played previous Diablo games shared that, “Playing with others is literally what made the mind-numbingly boring endgame of Diablo 2 bearable.”

The Reddit post is full of similar comments, pointing out that the only-online gameplay of Diablo 4 doesn’t appear to be player-friendly for those looking to play with others at the same level.

Diablo 4 has only been out for a few weeks, but players are eagerly awaiting to arrive to the first season, which should be here sometime in July 2023. Hopefully, when the first season arrives for Diablo 4, we can get additional feedback from the development team at Blizzard, especially for players looking to avoid creating a brand new character to complete the seasonal content.