Diablo 4 Fan Advocates For Important Missing Build Feature

One player has suggested a helpful feature that could encourage players to experiment more with their builds.

Image via Blizzard

Diablo 4 is a game built on the idea of experimentation, with your class, builds, and playstyle to keep the game exciting and fun. However, for some players, the current setup to respec and change your build is lengthy and frustrating, affecting their enjoyment or drive to try new ways to play.

One player has taken to Reddit with a suggestion of how to solve this issue, asking the developers to add a build save feature to help save time and encourage more experimentation within the game, and a lot of the community supports the idea.

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Saving builds & Paragon boards could encourage more experimentation with classes

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The post comes from a Reddit user by the name u/KainLTD, who has taken to the platform and asked Blizzard to add what they believe to be a helpful and worthwhile feature. In their post, they argue it is “time consuming and therefore feels way too punishing to easily swap builds,” and as a result, makes trying new types of gameplay less appealing.

The user goes on to detail what they believe would be good additions to solve this issue. They go on to ask for the ability to save skill builds, Paragon boards, and have a stash-like system to save them at the price of gold while retaining the gold cost to respec as it currently works. They concluded their request with a friendly note that they enjoy the game and were very respectful overall.

Following their post, many other players commented and shared their feelings on the post, and a lot seem to agree that this feature would be a great addition. One user stated that they “want to experiment but just thinking about having to redo my entire build when it doesn’t work out makes me not bother.” They go on to suggest that changing builds this way could close portals and reset dungeons to keep the challenge and avoid “tomfoolery.”

Another user exclaimed that it “Really ruins the fun of trying something new” and many others agree that this feature could go a long way toward improving player’s experience, encouraging different builds, and ultimately keeping players interested in playing.

The developers have stated previously, including during our interview, that their aim with builds and respecs was to balance the freedom of choice with the sense of meaningful choices. While that is the case and most players are happy with that approach, including a feature like this could further encourage that sense of freedom and experimentation, especially with the game’s first season just on the horizon.

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Whether or not a feature like this comes to Diablo 4 remains to be seen. Still, the developers have been very clear about taking on feedback and listening to community concerns, even going as far as to start having community-focused live streams. For now, players will need to wait and see.