Diablo 4 Fans Arent Thrilled With the Games First Seasonal Offering, Midwinter Blight

Diablo’s first seasonal event isn’t bringing much festive cheer to some players.


Image via Blizzard

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Diablo 4’s first seasonal event, Midwinter Blight, is underway and brings a devilishly festive new slice of content for players to enjoy over the holidays, with rewards to earn and monsters to slay.

However, fan reception has been less than joyous over the new event, with many finding its rewards “forgettable” and “useless.”

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New Seasonal Mode Has Left Players Deflated With Its “Forgettable” Loot and Cosmetics

Image via Blizzard

Diablo 4 recently dropped its first seasonal event titled Midwinter Blight, and with it came new cosmetics items to earn, as well as several other items like a new Aspect and brew. Getting them involves a lot of grinding for materials, exchanging, and repeating the process, with extra rewards like Midwinter Spoils to get you extra loot.

One post by user u/TheLdoubleE expressed their disappointment with the MIdwinter Spoils, a cache item players can earn that drops Gem Fragments, Armor, and Gileons Brew, an event-exclusive Elixir. In their short and to-the-point post, they encourage players to save their Blight Fragments, one of the materials players earn since the drops were “pretty much trash” for anyone over level 80.

Elsewhere in the post and across another from u/keegsahart, other players are sharing their two cents on the event. While some are defending it, stating it is “just for fun” and that some are overreacting, others feel that the event’s grindy nature makes it unexciting and tedious. In that same vein, others think some of the rewards aren’t rewarding enough, and for an event Blizzard has been speaking about since Blizzcon, it doesn’t live up to the expectations they created.

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Having played the event, I can see both sides of the argument. On the one hand, it is somewhat grindy for the rewards you get, and it’s more than possible to get through the event tiers and “finish” it rather quickly. However, for a short and sweet seasonal event, I don’t think it’s as bad as some are saying. The extra cosmetic rewards are a nice touch, albeit a little simpler than those in the shop or Season Pass. As an extra distraction to enjoy over the holidays while playing Diablo 4, it serves its purpose well.

While it could do with a few improvements and maybe a little more love the next time around, Midwinter Blight is here until January 12 and gives players another activity to pass the time in Diablo 4, and maybe with some constructive feedback, they can make the next ones even better.