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Diablo 4 Is Getting an RPG and Board Game

The Eternal Conflict of Diablo is making its way to your tabletop over the next few years.

Following a successful start to Season of Blood and the announcement of a new expansion for Diablo 4, the Eternal Conflict is now making its way to the tabletop. Blizzard and Glass Cannon Unplugged has revealed that both a TTRPG and board game will be coming in the near future.

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Amidst all of the big news heading out of BlizzCon this year like World of Warcraft’s epic Worldsoul Saga, the Diablo franchise getting a board game and tabletop RPG probably wasn’t on anyone’s bingo card.

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Both Adaptations Look to Expand the Lore and Story of Diablo

Details are rather sparse on these new projects, but we do have some idea of what to expect from the Diablo TTRPG offering. Expected to be released by BlizzCon next year, the TTRPG will see players create their own unique characters and get to explore dungeons and delve into the various locations and settings found in the world of Diablo, with the ability to create and tell your own stories in the world of Sanctuary.

In addition, the game’s website makes mention of an “inner struggle” that players will have to contend with, hinting at a morality-style system we could see in the game. It also will use its own system rather than basing it off an existing one and focus on action and fast-paced combat, allowing you to fight multiple enemies at once in hopes of capturing the same style and feeling of the games. Whether this includes getting loot and other aspects of Diablo, like crafting or Legendary Aspects, remains to be seen. Between now and release, there will be intensive playtesting and opportunities for the community to offer feedback before the game’s release, with a survey open on the official site right now.

As for the Board Game, that has much less information other than it is expected to release sometime in 2025, but Glass Cannon intends for both the board game and TTRPG to be “distinct yet interconnected physical incarnations of the iconic franchise,” what that means for players, or if it could hint at the two somehow working together isn’t yet know.

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You can sign up for updates about the two games as they become available, but for now, it’s just a case of waiting. But, with Season of Blood still going strong and a new expansion on the way, Diablo fans aren’t lacking content or things to look forward to anytime soon.

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