Diablo 4 open beta will reward two titles and a cosmetic beta wolf pack for final game

Must protect the doggo pup!

Image via Diablo IV Youtube

Diablo 4 is set to start its first open beta in March. Fans who have already purchased the game will be able to dive in on March 17 with the official open beta starting on March 24. Blizzard is extremely excited to get the fourth entry in the popular series into gamers’ hands to show them what exactly they can expect when the final game launches in June. Those who put in the effort to experience all the beta has to offer will unlock two titles and a cosmetic beta wolf pack for use in the final game.

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The Diablo 4 developers detailed during a live stream today the unique rewards that players can earn during their experience with the beta. Those who manage to reach the capital city of Kyovashad inthe Fractured Peaks zone during beta will earn the “Initial Casualty” title. If a player reaches level 20 during the beta, they unlock the “Early Voyager” title. Finally, players who reach level 25 during the beta receive a cosmetic backpack item called the Beta Wolf Pack, which features an adorable wolf pup sleeping in a cradle. All of these items are the only thing from the beta that carries into the actual game release.

Fans have been watching Diablo 4 with excited, yet skeptical optimism. Blizzard’s last Diablo launch, Diablo: Immortal, quickly devolved into a pay-to-win experience after reaching the endgame, and players want to know that they will not be burned again from this next outing. Diablo 4 has confirmed that its shop will be completely optional and cosmetic. If you’re looking to enjoy what Diablo 4 has to offer, the developers have made it clear that all you need to do is pick the game up on June 6.