Diablo 4’s cutscenes will display your customized character, even if they look ridiculous

Oh, the possibilities.

Image via Activision Blizzard

Diablo IV is looking to deepen its RPG roots by providing players with way more ways to show off their custom characters throughout the world of Sanctuary. Through some interesting technology, Blizzard has managed to do something that none of its other titles have ever attempted to this degree. In-game cutscenes throughout Diablo IV will actually feature your unique character, including whatever mess they decide to look like in that moment.

Blizzard showed off one of the mentioned cutscenes during the IGN Fan Fest this weekend, stating that this is just one of many to feature in the final game. Players will get their first experience with the anticipated fourth game in the series starting with the pre-order early beta launch on March 17. Fans can expect to see a few of these customized cutscenes during the beta, including when entering the game for the first time.

Diablo IV’s developers have put a lot of time and effort into character creation. Blizzard assures that these character cutscenes will blend seamlessly with your created character, even if they look absolutely ridiculous.

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Fans have embraced the news on Twitter, stating that the technology is impressive. Many cannot wait to see what hilarity can ensue on the internet from this, feeling that they will be more immersed in the game because of it. Some question if the player character actually speaks in these cutscenes, though Blizzard has yet to answer the question.

Diablo IV officially launches on June 5. Players can sign up for the open beta by visiting the official Diablo IV site. Those who preorder the game are guaranteed access to the beta on March 17, and people chosen via signing up will be able to jump in later on March 24.