Diablo 4 Players Are Pumped For Returning Campaign Skip Feature

No need for repeats here.

Image via Blizzard

Diablo IV is set to be a massive game with a long and robust endgame for players to enjoy. Those who want to go all out and grind each class, or enjoy the seasonal content, may be worried that they will be forced to play through the game’s campaign multiple times, causing it to take a lot longer to reach and enjoy the endgame. Thankfully, Blizzard has taken steps to avoid that.

It’s been revealed that Diablo IV will allow players to skip the campaign once they have beaten it on one character, freeing up players to level up and grind how they want after enjoying the story. For a lot of fans, this is incredibly welcome news.

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Diablo IV Fans can Unlock Campaign Skip After Beating the Game

Players learned about the return of this fan-favorite feature thanks to the recently released Diablo: Inside the Game video, where eagle-eyed fans noticed the “Skip Campaign” button during a shot of the character menu. This was confirmed by the global community development director Adam Fletcher, who replied to a Twitter user stating that players will need to “beat the campaign once” to unlock the feature.

This is fantastic news for many fans, with multiple Reddit users expressing their joy that they will not be forced into repeatedly playing the campaign. One user summed it up pretty well if you ask us, saying, “Good. Experience the story once, then skip if you want. Ultimately people want to be max level grinding for gear, not replaying the story.” It’s a nice addition that shows the team is thinking about what its players want. Being able to skip the campaign on other characters will undoubtedly be a major plus for those who want to play different classes and grind out the game’s robust content.

This isn’t the first Diablo game to see this feature included. Diablo III, the previous title, has had it for years and proved to be a major boon for players who enjoyed participating in the game’s seasonal content. For Diablo IV, the developers will be using a similar model, confirmed by game director Joe Shely and general manager Rod Fergusson in a WoWhead interview in December. Seasonal characters will also be able to skip the campaign, as well as non-season characters, so those who want to take part in each season of Diablo IV can do so however they see fit.

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It’s another example of the plentiful amount of choice the developers are trying to give players. While it may have been expected for some, getting clarification and seeing that the developers respect the player’s time is nice. It’s not long until players can get into the grind, as Diablo IV will be released on June 6 for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox Series X/S. If you want to jump in a few days early, you can grab the Deluxe or Ultimate Editions and play from June 2.