Disney Dreamlight Valley update 3 will have the exciting new addition of interior doors

Doors, floors, and more!

Image via Gameloft

A few days ago, the Disney Dreamlight Valley team shared new information about the upcoming February update for the game. Fans are now eager to learn more since the previous blog post promised more new information as the update’s release date approaches. The newest information shared about update 3 shows that everyone can expect some major changes — not just to the exterior of their home, but to the interior as well. This change comes in the form of additional doors.

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Doors are something that fans have been able to purchase from Scrooge’s store for a while now in the game. After purchasing one of these doors, you can take it to your home and place it on a wall, where it does absolutely nothing. Doors have been nothing more than decoration, but that will change in update 3. The latest Twitter post and an accompanying 10-second video show that players will now be able to switch out the normal doors in their homes for different styles and sizes, as well as be able to use them. Doors will no longer just be for decorative purposes.

Previous news drops for update 3 have included information about Mirabel, Olaf, and even different exterior paint colors for the player character’s home. Recently, the devs confirmed that everyone can expect the next update to drop on February 16 along with the Festival of Friendship.

Until then, we can expect to see more news drops as the days go on with information about the quality of life changes and additions coming to Dreamlight Valley. This all follows the roadmap for 2023, which the Disney Dreamlight Valley team dropped earlier this year — the roadmap teased some highly anticipated features, such as multiplayer and additional realms.