Disney Dreamlight Valley 1.0 For iOS Postponed Following Launch Day Issues

Disney Dreamlight Valley experiences some technical difficulties on its official launch for the 1.0 update — here’s who that affects.

iOS Microsoft errors Disney Dreamlight Valley 1.0

Images Via Gameloft/Apple/Microsoft

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Disney Dreamlight Valley has officially launched into 1.0, but the full release has hit a few bumps in the road that are impacting players. Nostalgia has been challenged by more than Night Thorns as issues arise with both iOS and Microsoft versions of the game.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available on multiple platforms including Microsoft/Xbox and iOS. However, players have noticed there are some issues with the release. The problems appear to be related to the update availability, cross-play, and cross-save functions.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Struggles With 1.0 Issues for iOS and Microsoft

According to the official Disney Dreamlight Valley Twitter account, there are cross-play and cross-save issues with the Microsoft/Xbox versions of Disney Dreamlight Valley, and iOS players will see a delay in the 1.0 update. The official Twitter has stated cross-save and cross-play functions will be down temporarily while the issues are being addressed. During this time, Xbox and Microsoft players can still interact with each other, but other platforms won’t be available.

Disney Dreamlight Valley fans will still be able to play the game as normal besides this setback for the cross-play and cross-save functions. Cross game functions are temporarily put on hold until further notice.

Is Disney Dreamlight Valley 1.0 Available for iOS

Disney Dreamlight Valley 1.0 is not available for iOS. Currently, there isn’t an official time or date for when the 1.0 update will become accessible on iOS devices. Players will have to wait for further information from Disney Dreamlight Valley devs, who have currently stated it will be “at a later date”.

Despite the hurdles, the 1.0 update for Disney Dreamlight Valley is filled with exciting new adventures for players to take part in. The arrival of Jack Skellington, as well as the Rift in Time expansion, will likely keep players busy for months to come, offering a slew of new adventures to embark on while taking care of the Valley.