Disney Dreamlight Valley devs warn community about opening buggy blue chests

Wait for more Moonstones.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The new update for Disney Dreamlight Valley has finally arrived. As we saw announced in the patch notes yesterday, Moonstone chest will now be giving players 50 whole moonstones instead of the usual 10. Unfortunately, players woke up today and learned that a pesky bug is keeping the chests from working correctly.

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Players who logged onto the update early today, hoping to find a treasure trove of Moonstones. The developers were relatively quick to catch the bug and post an update to official forums, but some users saw the news a bit too late. One Redditor even said they had saved up some chests and assumed the chests they were opening were “old chests,” only to realize their bad fortune after seeing the post.

It’s a sad situation for anyone who opened their chests without giving the official site a look, but the developers have promised to let everyone know once the problem is resolved. Until then, they’re recommending that you don’t open your chest unless you’re okay with losing 40 Moonstones. Instead, take some time to explore the rest of the updates. There’s plenty of new stuff to check out anyways. You can leave the chest unopened on your valley and they won’t disappear when you load in next time, meaning you don’t have to worry about them going away or anything like that.

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The developers have also not yet said if they will be going back and retroactively giving players who opened their chests early compensation, but it definitely would be a nice gesture from the devs. It usually doesn’t take the team long to work out an issue after a new update, so we should see a fix within the next few days.