Disney Dreamlight Valley Glitch Replaces Dream Fizz With 2-Star Marvelous Jam Meal

Big bummer.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Disney Dreamlight Valley recently received a new Pride of the Valley update, which brought new characters from Simba and Nala and a new Lion King Realm to the game. Each update for the game so far has also introduced some new recipes you can cook and some new ingredients like Dreamlight Fruit.

Players have been collecting all the recipes that include Dreamlight Fruit ingredient to add to their collection; however, it seems one is currently unavailable. It doesn’t mean you can’t make the recipe, but it gives you a completely different meal altogether.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Dream Fizz meal is bugged.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Disney Dreamlight Valley Reddit trend recently had a post from a player asking others if when they made Dream Fizz if they got Marvelous Jam instead. Many players responded, saying they faced the same issue, meaning no one was getting the recipe they were attempting to make.

Dreamlight Fizz requires a couple more items while also having some of the same familiar ingredients. Dreamlight Fruit, Slush Ice, Sugarcane, and Wheat are what it takes to make Dreamlight Fizz, while Marvelous Jam just requires Wheat and Dreamlight Fruit. From the Reddit thread, players have been putting the needed ingredients into the pot but have had no luck actually receiving Dreamlight Fizz.

Disney Dreamlight Valley developer Gameloft Montreal hasn’t made any mention of fixing the glitch yet, but hopefully, it will happen soon, considering so many players had already wasted their Dreamlight Fruit by repetitively making it thinking they had just used the wrong mixture of ingredients.

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Players should avoid trying to make Dream Fizz until the bug is fixed, so players keep their rare Dreamlight Fruit.