Disney Dreamlight Valley Player Advocates For Missing Decoration Features

We need more space.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a game that inspires players to create, decorate, and design as much as possible. While this is the goal of the game for its players, sometimes it still has limitations that the fans don’t appreciate. The game does not let players place items close together and limits how many items players can have on their Valley.

With any game, players hate limitations, and they are one of the downfalls every game faces when it comes to players needing more space to store their in-game goodies and treasures. In Disney Dreamlight Valley, this means telling players to place fewer items than they want into their world.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Players Frustrated With Customization Limitations

Reddit user “mr_mysterioussy” discusses their frustration when decorating their Valley and making it look unique to them. They shared that having the straight and squared-off pathways wasn’t what they were going for and preferred the pathway containing rounds and curves. Disney Dreamlight Valley players have figured out ways to curve their pathways and add bushes around to cover up the edges. However, doing this makes their number go up regarding their placement limit, which is beyond frustrating.

Developer Gameloft recently teased how we’d be getting some new customization features added to Disney Dreamlight Valley, but not necessarily in a way to fix decorating the Valley. The teaser showed how players could use their custom designs on things like beds and whatnot, reminding players of the custom creations on Animal Crossing New Horizons.

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Gameloft hasn’t hinted at adding more storage in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but it’s the need of an hour because this will only continue to get harder as more and more new items keep coming out from them.