Disney Dreamlight Valley Data Corruption Leaves PlayStation Player Distraught

Protect your saved data.

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The thing every gamer fears, a data corruption that wipes clean all their saved progress in their favorite game. Recently a Disney Dreamlight Valley player expressed this, having put in so many days worth of hours into the game, and also having purchased the Founder’s Edition Early Access pack as well. Data corruptions are something that doesn’t happen all that often, but when they do, it is a horrifying event.

Imagine for a moment putting 60 or more hours into a game, especially where a player has taken the time to decorate their world to their heart’s content, discover tons of collectibles, and complete a variety of missions, only to then wake up and have it all gone. That’s enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine.

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DDLV Player Loses Their Saved Data and Reddit Tries To Help

The player on Reddit goes into detail about how they woke up one day and logged into Disney Dreamlight Valley from their PlayStation 4 to find an error saying that their whole save file had been corrupted. They went on to ask if anyone knew of a way to fix it while they waited to hear back from the customer support team after writing an email explaining the issue.

The user went on to say they had played the game for months and didn’t want to lose their progress. Other users replied to their thread and shared how distressed they would be to lose their saved files for the game. Disney Dreamlight Valley is one of those games that takes a ton of time to make decent progress in, so this is a valid fear for all players of any video game.

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A Reddit user shared with the victim of the corrupted data how their cloud save could be used to help them get their data back. Cloud save is a feature many people take advantage of to be able to back up their data to online storage, which can also be used in cross-save play between Xbox, PC, PlayStation, or the Nintendo Switch. This means players can pick up their last save on any of their consoles.

At the end of this, it might be a good idea for all players to turn on cloud save to protect themselves from losing their save files. Hopefully, this user was able to recover their progress as well.